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Teitel Brothers Wholesale and Retail Grocery Company located at 2372 Arthur Ave in the heart of Little Italy of the Bronx.  A third generation, family owned and operated business, Teitel Brothers offer the finest Italian imported, gourmet specialty items and the lowest retail and wholesale prices at market value.
Think parmigiano, prosciutto, imported olive oil, canned tomatoes, aged vinegar, pasta, dried and fresh sausage and so much more!
Jacob and Morris Teitel, brothers and Jewish Austrian immigrants, first arrived in America, through Ellis Island, in 1912.  Tailors by trade, the brothers assimilated to the area, people, customs and way of life.  In 1915, Jacob and Morris decided to start a new venture-together they opened Teitel Brothers Grocery Store on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.  Although the neighborhood was, predominantly, Italian, it was not uncommon to find merchants of Jewish descent.  In fact, Jacob learned to speak Italian before he learned to speak English.

The family lived upstairs from the grocery store in a one bedroom apartment with five people. Gilbert Teitel, son of Jacob, recalls his father knocking on a steam pipe to get his mother's attention.  This signal meant that the store was busy and her help was needed to wait on customers.  At the foot of the store's entrance sits a mosaic tile Star of David.  Jacob had the Jewish Star installed during the Great Depression.  "My father wanted people to know what our family heritage was, what we stood for and what was important to us," says Gil. "He had family in Europe during this time that were unable to make it out of the country safely.  His culture and religion were very important to him and to our family."

Culture, religion and family values are at the heart of what makes Teitel Brothers still in business today. Run by Gilbert and his sons Jean, Michael, Eddie and Billy Fassbender Eddie's childhood friend. Teitel Brothers is open year round Monday-Saturday, 7:00am-5:00pm, except for Jewish Holidays.
The store is, always, stocked with the best olive oils, tomatoes, jarred and bulk olives, aged vinegars, beans, pastas, imported and domestic cheeses, baccala, prosciutto, soppressata, fresh and dried sausages, flours, rice, nuts, candied and dried fruits, cookies, panettones, and much more!!
For over 100 years, Teitel Brothers has catered to a vast and distinctive clientele, including neighborhood retail customers and wholesale grocery stores and restaurants spanning the tri-state area and beyond.  Known for their high quality Italian, gourmet specialty items, Teitel Brothers continues to carry the lowest retail and wholesale prices that can't be beat in any market.
So come visit Teitel Brothers Wholesale and Retail Grocery Company on Arthur Avenue in the heart of Little Italy of the Bronx!! Where you're welcome like family!!

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