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Due to the heavy holiday volume, we won’t be able to ship any orders until after Monday, Dec 10th, 2018. We start again on Monday, Jan 7th, 2019.

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Our Specialty is Imported Gourmet Cheeses, Olive Oils, Tomatoes, and Pasta

Teitel Brothers Wholesale and Retail Grocery Company, established in 1915 and now in its third generation, is located in the heart of Little Italy, Bronx, New York. Known for high-quality Italian gourmet specialty items, Teitel Brothers offers the lowest retail and wholesale prices. We service the New York restaurants and throughout the United States from our vast Wholesale Division.

Teitel Brothers offers the finest Italian imports, gourmet specialty items, and the lowest retail and wholesale prices. Think parmigiana, prosciutto, imported olive oil, canned tomatoes, aged vinegar, pasta, dried and fresh sausage, and so much more!

Teitel Brothers Celebrates 100 Years!

We would like to thank all our dedicated customers.